Pumpkin Pie


Even though Pumpkin flavored items seem to dominate everything in Fall – pumpkin spice lattes, pumpkin doughnuts, pumpkin seeds, pumpkin caramels and much, much more – I still felt that no Fall season would be complete without at least one homemade pumpkin dessert.

While I could have been a bit more creative with my pumpkin pie, I ultimately decided that ‘classic’ was better in this situation and chose this recipe. However, even though I didn’t jazz this recipe up with any additional flavors, I felt that the design element was crucial and so I added leaf-shaped dough cutouts to the pumpkin pie crust to give it somewhat of a rustic and fun edge.

Here are just a few tips with your next pumpkin pie:

1. Crust: The crust is one of the most important parts of a pumpkin pie. I have always loved using this recipe for a classic crust; however, I’d love to experiment sometime soon with this chocolate dough or this gingersnap crust.
2. Spice ratio: Many recipes call for ‘freshly grated nutmeg’. While this might sound like just another step, it is totally worth it and you will be able to taste the difference. Just make sure you use a balanced ratio of spices so that one spice doesn’t overpower the others.
3. Add some flair: Whether using a special cutout (leafs, pumpkins, hearts, etc.). a special whipped cream or something else, try to a add some flair with something different to help liven up the pumpkin pie.

What’s your favorite pumpkin dessert?




Mini Pumpkin Pies

Sundays are a perfect day for a long prepared dinner and dessert, and especially pie. I have been wanting to make a traditional pumpkin pie for a few weeks now and have been attempting to resist the urge to do so until Thanksgiving. However, this past weekend, I completely caved at the thought of making mini pumpkin pies. In my opinion, mini desserts are just more fun and they save those in consumption a few calories (as long as only one mini pie is eaten and not three!). This recipe for Pumpkin Pie is very flavorful with its touch of many spices and basks perfectly in a super-flaky crust that is to die for. Watch out, it is hard to just stop at one mini pie!

Step 1: Make Dough and Roll Out With
Pin; Shape for Mini Pie Tins

Step 2: Mix Ingredients for Filling Together

Step 3: Bake Individual Pie Crusts
(I used muffin tins) and
Let Cool; Pour in Filling and Bake; Eat!

These are a perfect treat to take to a family or friend’s house for Thanksgiving. Plus, the other perk of these is that no extra silverware is required. No forks or plates required, just a strong appetite and sweet tooth!


Homemade Ice Cream: Pumpkin Pie

For Christmas, my wonderful boyfriend bought me an ice cream machine from Cuisinart. I was thrilled at his neat choice and was just waiting for the perfect weekend to try it. This past weekend I finally had enough time to peruse through recipes. While searching, I found plenty of amazing recipes, but I figured that I’d play it “safe” the first time around with Pumpkin Pie Ice Cream.

Step 1: Mix Together Wet Ingredients With Mixer
Step 2: Add Pumpkin Purée and Spices

Step 3: Place in Ice Cream Maker

Step 4: Take Out After 25 Minutes and Freeze

Step 5: Scoop and Eat!

I am definitely happy with the results from this ice cream maker. Pretty simple and little effort and time required. Now I’m inspired to “spice it up” a bit the next time I decide to make ice cream. Curious what I mean? Stay tuned!