Pumpkin Bars

I’m in love… with pumpkins. All right, not quite, but I do thoroughly enjoy the Holidays because of the presence of pumpkins. Carving pumpkins, toasting pumpkin seeds, creative decorative pumpkins, and baking pumpkin concoctions are just a few of my favorite aspects of pumpkins.

Now, unfortunately, Halloween has already come and past. But, when visiting my family in Michigan, they took me to an interactive indoor-outdoor musuem and learning center that was completely adorned with hundreds of pumpkins throughout the entire outside park. After venturing throughout the park and finding many different intricately decorated pumpkins, I found one particular pumpkin that caught my eye:

So, all joking aside, I really just wanted to make a pumpkin-inspired baked good of some sort. So, after scouring the internet for recipes, I came across pumpkin bars on FoodNetwork.com. In the end I chose this Pumpkin Bars recipe that Paula Deen adapted from Patty Ronning.

Step 1: Mix Ingredients and
Pour Into Butter Baking Dish

Step 2: Bake, Frost, Cut!

The result? 5 Star Rating (out of 5 Stars of course!).

Enjoy the Holidays and I highly encourage baking with pumpkin!