Crispy Potato Cake

Crispy Potato Cake from Bon Appetit Magazine

Normally when I think of the word “cake” I think of a chocolate mixture with frosting or a sweet concoction to celebrate one’s birthday. But, when I saw this savory Crispy Potato Cake in Bon Appetit Magazine I just couldn’t resist.

Now, although this just looks like a glob of potatoes (it is), it does pack a ton of flavor due to its smothering in butter, garlic and herbs. It is as delicious as it is decadent. The good news is that this can easily be prepared ahead and then brought to a friend or family’s house to share. Whichever option you choose, you can’t go wrong!

Step 1: Clean, Peel and Chop Potatoes

Crispy Potato Cake from Bon Appetit Magazine
Cut Potatoes for Crispy Potato Cake from Bon Appetit Magazine

Step 2: Cut and Saute Garlic

Garlic for Crispy Potato Cake from Bon Appetit Magazine

Step 3: Cook Cut Potatoes in
Butter, Salt and Pepper

Cooking Potatoes for Crispy Potato Cake from Bon Appetit Magazine

Step 4: Press into Pan and Bake

Baking Potatoes for Crispy Potato Cake from Bon Appetit Magazine

Step 5: Add Garlic and Parsley; Eat!

Crispy Potato Cake from Bon Appetit Magazine

This recipe is very simple to make and requires few ingredients (definitely bonus points in my opinion!). Next time, I’d suggest to add more garlic throughout the potatoes as well as a few more herbs for additional flavor.

This is definitely a perfect recipe to kick off celebrating the Fall season!


Crispy Potato Cake from Bon Appetit Magazine


Sweet Potato Fries With Sriracha Mayonnaise

I feel as though sweet potato fries are the new “it” item – they literally seem to be popping up on restaurant menus everywhere. Although the term “fry” usually provides for an unhealthy connotation, at least I feel better consuming sweet potato fries because I know I will be receiving my daily dose of Vitamin B6, C, D and Iron. Besides the vitamin values, I especially became inspired to make them after seeing a mouth-watering advertisement in Cooking Light from Alexia that featured Sweet Potato Fries With Sriracha Mayonnaise.

Step 1: Peel and Cut Potato Into Strips

Step 2: Toss With Olive Oil,
Garlic, Sea Salt and Pepper

Step 3: Mix Mayonnaise With
Sriracha Sauce and Lemon Zest;
Bake, Dip, Eat, Enjoy!

Although I totally jumped on the band wagon with this one, I do not regret it at all. These are extremely easy and provide for a light snack (if you do not dip in mayonnaise like I did of course!) and something that is a little bit healthier than the normal greasy fry.


Tasty ‘n Sons

Now, normally, I am not the biggest fan of noisy restaurants, but I absolutely love the energetic atmosphere from Tasty ‘n Sons. A week ago, I ventured to this friendly, neighborhood establishment in Northeast Portland to meet a friend for brunch. As soon as we entered (sans coffee consumption), the energetic atmosphere immediately revved us up similar to the effect that a caffeine jolt has on the body and mind. Besides the lively ambiance, the aesthetics intrigued us with subtle brown walls complete with a large, black imprint of a bicycle on the wall that can be classified as “oh-so-Portland”. But, besides the feel and looks of this restaurant, the food lives up to its expectations and then some. Especially for those that cannot decide easily (I’m very much a culprit), Tasty ‘n Sons is perfect as a result of the element of small plates which creates a unique experience with menu  items that range from griddle-bacon wrapped dates to glazed yams with cumin-maple to North African sausages with couscous to Auntie Paula’s French toast. Hungry yet? I sure am. My taste buds are already starting to water from just reminiscing about it.

Special of the Day

Peaches & Cream With Teleme & Honey

Chocolate Potato Doughnut With Crème Anglaise

End point: I highly recommened this place and absolutely can not wait to go back again.