Caramel Cashew Cookies & Pistachio Lemon Drops

So, when you can’t pick between recipes, why not just make both? This was the enforced motto at our house this past weekend. These two recipes – Caramel Cashew Cookies and Pistachio Lemon Drops – contain cashews and pistachios which are two nuts that I don’t often eat, but I believe that are completely under-utilized. And, after this weekend, I’m so glad that we still have leftover cookies to hold us over for awhile.

The first recipe, Caramel Cashew Cookies, are a decadent dessert. The batter contains a creamy cashew mixture and also contains loosely chopped cashews to add for an even more intense flavor. I love the fact that these cookies are drizzled with a dab of caramel on the top. It provides the perfect amount of ‘sweet’ to counteract the saltiness of the cashews.

The second recipe, Pistachio Lemon Drops, were such a nice change of a way to use pistachios in a dessert that didn’t involve ice cream or gelato. Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely adore pistachio ice cream, but now I’m glad I’ve found yet another way to use pistachios in a dessert.

Call us nutty (so punny, I know), but making two types of cookies was definitely a nice way to end a busy Sunday and beat the dreary cold of Winter!




Rhubarb Sorbet with Pistachios and Dark Chocolate

Rhubarb Sorbet with Dark Chocolate and Pistachios

This past Sunday I was determined… incredibly determined to make some concoction with rhubarb. I’m always usually pretty persistent with my recipes, but this Sunday was just a little different. Basically, this urge to bake with rhubarb resulted from a visit I had a few weeks ago to Ox in Portland where I had one of the most tasty sweet concoctions of my life: Rhubarb Vanilla Sorbet, Bittersweet Chocolate Magic Shell, Crushed Pistachio.

As a result, I’ve been thinking about rhubarb ever since that visit so I knew I had to fulfill my craving for it.

But, among all of the various options to bake with rhubarb, I decided that instead of a rhubarb crisp or rhubarb pie, I wanted to make something “cooler” (temperature-wise), so I choose to attempt to replicate the Rhubarb Sorbet I had at Ox. However, after two botched tries of locating rhubarb (the first store did not have rhubarb and the second store had unripe rhubarb), my final attempt resulted in just enough (I almost took all of the slim supply at the store) to make this dessert!

Despite the madness of visiting three stores, this recipe was definitely worth the trouble and the wait. Just look at the pictures above and below and you’ll understand!

Step 1: Chop Rhubarb

Rhubarb for Rhubarb Sorbet

Step 2: Dissolve Sugar in Water Over Low Heat

Dissolving Sugar for Rhubarb Sorbet

Step 3: Add Lemon Juice and Rhubarb Pieces

Rhubarb Mixture for Rhubarb Sorbet

Step 4: Put Rhubarb Mixture into a Food Processor

Puree-ing Rhubarb for Rhubarb Sorbet

Step 5: Place Rhubarb Mixture into Ice Cream Machine

Rhubarb Sorbet in the Ice Cream Machine

Step 6: Scoop, Drizzle Chocolate and
Pistachios; Eat!

Rhubarb Sorbet with Dark Chocolate and Pistachios

Even though I didn’t make the “magic shell” like Ox did, I still thoroughly enjoyed this recipe. Basically, this recipe encompasses three distinct flavors: tart, sweet and salty. Usually I only like two of those distinct flavor types, but this time all three converged together quite nicely without overwhelming each other in the process!

Thank you to Ox for offering such a delicious recipe!


Rhubarb Sorbet with Dark  Chocolate and Pistachios