Decorative Fall Apple Pie

Decorative Fall Apple Pie

I will definitely be one of the first to admit that I was so incredibly excited the minute October 1 came this year. While I absolutely adore Summer, I love all of the weather, traditions, and most importantly, the FOOD, that are associated with Fall. I can’t help it – it’s just contagious!

No Fall would be complete without at least one Apple Pie. This time I decided that I really wanted to go ‘all out’ with its design and make it not only taste well, but look cool too. In previous pies, I’ve free-hand cut leaves; however, that was absolutely too tedious. I stumbled upon these cute fall leaves cookie cutters from Williams-Sonoma and absolutely fell in love. They are adorable, easy to use and produced fantastic leaf-shaped cut-outs – perfect for a Fall pie!

I made this exact Apple Pie in a previous post; however, this time, I opted to make it again and instead amp it up with some decorative pieces. Here’s how I made it:

Step 1: Make Dough, Roll Out Dough,
Place in Pie Dish, Cut Out Fall Leaves
with Cookie Cutters, Place Around Rim


Step 2: Peel Apples, Slice Apples

Decorative Fall Apple Pie

Decorative Fall Apple Pie

Step 3: Combine Spices, Sugars and
Lemon Juice with Apple Slices

Decorative Fall Apple Pie

Step 4: Place Apples in Pie Dish;
Place Extra Apple Cut-Outs on Top

Decorative Fall Apple Pie

Decorative Fall Apple Pie

Step 5: Bake and Eat!

Decorative Fall Apple Pie

While this pie did take a long time to make, it was completely worth it in the end. Apple pie is always such a nice Fall treat, especially when used with tart, tart apples. For next time… I believe a pumpkin pie would be in our future.


Decorative Fall Apple Pie


Pumpkin Pie


Even though Pumpkin flavored items seem to dominate everything in Fall – pumpkin spice lattes, pumpkin doughnuts, pumpkin seeds, pumpkin caramels and much, much more – I still felt that no Fall season would be complete without at least one homemade pumpkin dessert.

While I could have been a bit more creative with my pumpkin pie, I ultimately decided that ‘classic’ was better in this situation and chose this recipe. However, even though I didn’t jazz this recipe up with any additional flavors, I felt that the design element was crucial and so I added leaf-shaped dough cutouts to the pumpkin pie crust to give it somewhat of a rustic and fun edge.

Here are just a few tips with your next pumpkin pie:

1. Crust: The crust is one of the most important parts of a pumpkin pie. I have always loved using this recipe for a classic crust; however, I’d love to experiment sometime soon with this chocolate dough or this gingersnap crust.
2. Spice ratio: Many recipes call for ‘freshly grated nutmeg’. While this might sound like just another step, it is totally worth it and you will be able to taste the difference. Just make sure you use a balanced ratio of spices so that one spice doesn’t overpower the others.
3. Add some flair: Whether using a special cutout (leafs, pumpkins, hearts, etc.). a special whipped cream or something else, try to a add some flair with something different to help liven up the pumpkin pie.

What’s your favorite pumpkin dessert?



Strawberry Pie

Strawberry Pie


There is a fresh fruit stand near us and I absolutely enjoy visiting it and supporting local farmers. This past week my boyfriend’s mom was nice enough to bring over a huge tray of several cartons of strawberries. These were definitely delicious strawberries; however, throughout the busy week, they weren’t eaten fast enough. So, towards the end, I had to think quickly and decided to make a Strawberry Pie dessert with them in order to salvage the strawberries and put them towards good use!

I’ve baked many simple and complex pies in the last few years, but I feel like no matter the filling, the crust is actually more of the crucial part. I found this pie dough recipe from an earlier post, Classic Sour Cherry Pie With Lattice Crust. I basically made the same pie, but just substituted my own recipe for the strawberry fruit filling. This crust is a perfect blend of flakey-goodness and always hold together well.

Anyway, whether you like strawberries or not, use whatever pie filling you’d like and the pie dough recipe from the Sour Cherry Pie recipe and you won’t be disappointed!

Happy Sunday and hope you had a great weekend!


Strawberry Pie

Apple Pie

Fall is absolutely one of my favorite seasons. I love when the leaves morph into stunning shades of orange, yellow, red and sometimes even pink. I love wearing boots and sloshing through puddles (as long as I don’t get too wet!). I love sipping on warm drinks and the crisp sharp air. And, lastly, I love the flavors of Fall – sweet potato, squash, pumpkin and of course apple!

This Sunday I decided to make an Apple Pie. In my opinion,  Apple Pie is a classic dessert and a perfect accompaniment to celebrate Fall and relish the day of Sunday before the work week starts again. I was especially excited to make this Apple Pie because I had been wanting to put shapes onto a pie for a long time and recently became inspired by the Apple Pie that was featured on the blog Cupcakes and Cashmere. Shapes on the top of the pie just make it more fun and festive. I almost spelled out “Happy Halloween” and I was also extremely tempted to put pumpkin shapes onto this pie too. But, in the end, I stuck with the leaf shape. The more adventurous shapes will have to wait for next time!

You know what is a bit humorous? I put three slits into this pie; however, during the baking process, a fourth slit ripped open in the pie. Now it almost looks like I wanted this pie to resemble a Jack-O-Lantern. Do you spot what I’m talking about? I guess this pie is just even more Fall and Halloween-themed now!


Pie Lollipops

All right, all right… so I’m totally aware that I posted a few weeks ago about how I was semi-bored with pies and wanted to try something different for dessert. And, in all fairness, I was totally in the mood to try something unique, outrageous or something that required a trip to some specialty shops to acquire ingredients. But, this idea became quickly obsolete once I stumbled upon the idea of Cherry Hand Pies.

These Cherry Hand Pies looked absolutely delicious; however, I wanted to make this dessert in a smaller format so I figured that something like pie lollipops would be ideal. Again, even though I’ve made too many pies in the past year, I figured that a new and different format would make it totally worth it!

Step 1: Make Dough

Step 2: Prepare Pie Filling

Step 3: Cut Out Pie Shapes

Step 4: Brush Edges With Egg Wash;
Spoon Filling Onto Dough; Crimp and Press
Other Side Together; Put Stick into Dough

Step 5: Bake and Enjoy!

These pie lollipops remind of the current trend of cake pops. But, in my opinion, these are easier to make and a little bit more rewarding for the sheer fact that they actually resemble a mini pie in appearance. These are a perfect treat that can be taken to barbecues, dinner parties or exactly whatever you are feeling like at the time. Plus, there isn’t that much of a learning curve since they aren’t that different from a normal pie!


Nectarine Raspberry Pie

Let’s face it – a pie is a pie. All right, that sounded like an incredibly silly statement, but I promise it’s true. Just hear me out. I will attest that a homemade, totally-from-scratch-pie does take a lot of time and effort and if done well is totally worth it. But, really, it’s all about what is actually in the pie a.k.a the delicious filling. I’ve made too many apple, blackberry or blueberry pies to last a lifetime (okay, not really, but you get the point). So, like I said, the key to the pie is the filling!

This past weekend I wanted to make a pie. So, when I saw a recipe for Nectarine Raspberry Pie, I got a little excited. I do realize that this isn’t the most unique pie; however, it is definitely different than the norm so I figured I needed to go for it. Plus, I’m always in the mood for experimenting with new recipes!

Step 1: Make Pie Dough

Step 2: Put Filling in and Bake

Step 3: Slice and Eat

I normally like making a pie with intricate latices, but I totally embraced the opportunity to make this pie more rustic with a full-fledged cover. The edges on this pie browned a little bit more quickly than I expected, but in the end, the pie still cooked well and the flavors from the fruit developed well.

This is definitely a great pie if you’re in the mood for something different than the standard apple or cherry pie.


Brown Butter Raspberry Tart

How I ended up picking this recipe was strikingly similar to how I decide to purchase something when I’m shopping for clothes. How? Well, sometimes when I have shopped, I have purchased something that “I thought I liked” on the spot. Unfortunately, some of these impulse buys have resulted in disappointment after a few weeks because what “I thought I liked” I didn’t actually like at all. So, in order to nix buyer’s remorse, I’ve eliminated impulse buys and instead try to wait a few days or weeks before purchasing something “I think I like”. My rule is that if I still like the item in a few days or weeks, I’ll consider buying based on need, budget, etc.!

Choosing this recipe was no different. I had been eyeing this Brown Butter Raspberry Tart for quite some time. So, yesterday, after thinking about it some more, I realized that I’ve thought about it enough – I had read all of the positive reviews and it looked amazing so I just needed to do it!

And, I’m glad I did.

Step 1: Make Crust and Bake (Let Cool);
Mix Together Eggs, Sugar and Salt 

Step 2: Brown Butter in Pan

Step 3: Mix Egg Mixture and
Browned Butter Together 

Step 4: Arrange Raspberries “Pointy”
Side Up on Bottom of Cooled Crust;
Carefully Pour Liquid Mixture Over; Bake 

Step 5: Cut a Slice and Enjoy!

I absolutely love the rustic feel of this tart. In my opinion, I think the tartness of the raspberry offsets the sweet filling nicely. I’m glad I chose wisely with the recipe, but perhaps I shouldn’t have taken so long. Oh well, at least I picked a good recipe that I’ll have plenty of opportunities to replicate in the future.

Perhaps I’ll start using my “shopping” techniques more often with my selection of recipes from now on!