Mighty-O Donuts

I absolutely love finding restaurants and shops in local neighborhoods. Mighty-O Donuts is no different. Although I do not normally indulge in donuts, what especially peaked my interest about this place was the fact that they stray away from the “norm” and offer plenty of unique donuts such as lemon poppyseed and french toast to name a few. After staring at all of the choices for a few minutes, I finally settled upon the orange blossom (as pictured above).

I definitely was not disappointed with this choice. Not only did my stomach feel more than satisfied, but I am happy that I helped support a local company that is dedicated towards offering food with organic ingredients and sustainability in mind. Seattleites – visit this place and then take a stroll around Greenlake!



Cranberry Orange Scones

While perusing through the cabinets the other day, I happened to unearth an unused baking dish specifically designed for scones. Instantly, my mind started to crank through ideas of different scone recipes I could try. The usual combinations came to mind: lemon poppyseed, blueberry, pumpkin, and cranberry and orange. But, as I started to think about the combinations, I realized I already had all of the ingredients needed for cranberry and orange scones. So, with the help of a recipe from Epicurious, I was set to make Cranberry and Orange Scones!

Step 1: Combine Dry Ingredients;
Add Grated Orange Peel

Step 2: Combine Mixture with Butter Using
Hands Until a Coarse Meal Forms; Use a Fork to Combine Buttermilk to Mixture

Step 3: Roll Dough onto Floured Board;
Knead Four Times and Cut into 8 Pieces

Step 4: Bake at 400 Degrees for 25 Minutes

Step 5: Combine Fresh Orange Juice With
Powdered Sugar for Glaze; Spread onto Scones

I really liked this recipe. However, I only put icing on four of the scones. As a result, I would dare to say that I liked the scones without the icing more than the scones that I did put icing on. Go figure. But, for now, I’ll add this to the “regular” recipe list and look forward to making this again in the future sans icing!