Maple-Mustard Chicken

I normally would not think to combine maple syrup and mustard with chicken. In fact, this combination has never crossed my mind. But, in an attempt to be more adventurous, I decided to try this recipe from the latest issue of Cooking Light. In this situation, sweet + savory wins.

Step 1: Prepare Spices and Cut Garlic

Step 2: Saute Chicken for Two
Minutes on Each Side

Step 3: Combine Liquid Ingredients
to a Boil in Skillet; Add Chicken

Step 4: Bake and Serve

This chicken recipe was a good decision and in commitment to my New Year’s Resolutions. Even though this recipe is on the healthier side, it definitely packs plenty of noticeable flavor. I highly recommend you to try it!



Happy New Year!


Happy New Year to everyone! This past year I challenged myself by starting this blog and taking on the risks of moving to a different city and starting a new job. I have definitely learned a lot from other fellow “foodie” bloggers and will continue to enjoy learning in 2012.

My goals (food related) for this upcoming year will be to incorporate more healthy recipes into the usual dinner rotation (my inspiration taken from this month’s issue of Cooking Light) and to challenge myself once a month with recipes that are more difficult (including making homemade ice cream with my new ice cream machine, a gift from my wonderful boyfriend for Christmas).

What are your goals for 2012?

Cheers to a new year!