Raspberry Grapefruit Popsicles

Raspberry Grapefruit Popsicles

Some of the most common and complex inventions as well as food concoctions have been created “by accident”. One of these accidental concoctions includes the popsicle. Basically, a man named Frank Epperson left a drink with a string in it outside of his house overnight. The next morning he returned to outside to find that his drink was actually frozen. He then pried the remnants out by using the straw as a handle. In turn, this prompted the idea for the modern-day popsicle.

Fun facts aside, I had been craving a fruit-flavored popsicle for quite some time, especially since the Summer and warmer temperatures have arrived. For my first homemade popsicle I wanted to use a few different flavor combinations. This resulted in grapefruits for a tangy flavor and raspberries for a sweet taste. I literally only used three ingredients – fresh squeezed grapefruit juice, raspberries and just a touch of sugar – for these Raspberry Grapefruit Popsicles. 

Step 1: Cut and Juice Grapefruit

Cutting and juicing grapefruit for popsicles

Step 2: Blend Raspberries and
Juice Together

Blend raspberries and grapefruit juice together for popsicles

Step 3: Taste and Add Sugar (if needed)
or Adjust by Adding More Grapefruit
Juice to Make it Tangier 

Blended raspberries and grapefruit juice for popsicles

Step 4: Pour Juice into Molds and Freeze

Popsicle molds for grapefruit and raspberry popsicles

Step 5: Pop the Popsicles Out of
the Molds and Enjoy!

Raspberry Grapefruit Popsicles

The fun part about making these popsicles is that I had to wing most of the process so I found myself tasting the blended juice a few times and changing my ratio of grapefruit juice to raspberries quite a bit until I was settled with an optimal taste. All in all, I was definitely a fan of this flavor combination and the fact that I primarily only used fresh fruit (instead of most store-bought popsicles with larger amounts of added sugar). However, next time I will definitely enjoy experimenting with being more creative and perhaps trying a layering effect with whole fruit within the popsicles.

Popsicles are a fun dessert to have at home, they taste delicious and they don’t require many ingredients to make a great outcome! What type of popsicle combinations have you tried making?


Raspberry Grapefruit Popsicles