Maple-Mustard Chicken

I normally would not think to combine maple syrup and mustard with chicken. In fact, this combination has never crossed my mind. But, in an attempt to be more adventurous, I decided to try this recipe from the latest issue of Cooking Light. In this situation, sweet + savory wins.

Step 1: Prepare Spices and Cut Garlic

Step 2: Saute Chicken for Two
Minutes on Each Side

Step 3: Combine Liquid Ingredients
to a Boil in Skillet; Add Chicken

Step 4: Bake and Serve

This chicken recipe was a good decision and in commitment to my New Year’s Resolutions. Even though this recipe is on the healthier side, it definitely packs plenty of noticeable flavor. I highly recommend you to try it!



Favorite Recipes of 2011

Bye bye 2011 – the year filled with various fruit-filled desserts, homemade pizzas and plenty of roasted chicken recipes. Throughout this past year, I definitely learned many new tricks including how to make pie pastry dough from scratch (and cut and assemble lattices for pies), how to properly clean and prepare a whole chicken for roasting and how to properly make quinoa, just to name a few!

In order to celebrate 2011, I just wanted to list a few of my favorites:

Strawberry Shortcakes

Cheddar Jalapeno Bread

Homemade Oreos

Roast Chicken With Chickpeas,
Tomatoes, Olives and Thyme

Sour Cherry Pie With Lattice Crust

Spaghetti & Sicilian Meatballs

Lemon Ricotta Pancakes With
Lemon Curd and Raspberries

Chicken Piccata

Blackberry Peach Crumble

Baked Macaroni & Cheese
With Garlic Bread Crumbs

Pumpkin Cake With
Cream Cheese Frosting

I am already excited for 2012: hoping to experiment more with pomegranates, mustard (yes, Epicurious predicted it to be a Top Food Trend for 2012), avocados and I would like to make homemade Pho. Join me in my adventure!


Bacon Mashed Potatoes With Dill

I absolutely LOVE mashed potatoes. Yet, I usually stray away from making them as a result of the copious amounts of fattening substances that are used in its making. But, since Christmas only comes once a year, I figured I could use that as my excuse to make unhealthy foods.

This recipe for Bacon Mashed Potatoes With Dill adds to the unhealthiness factor with the addition of bacon; however, the bacon adds a nice twist, especially when paired with dill (a spice I would have previously never thought to use!).

Step 1: Peel Potatoes and Slice Into
Two Inch Chunks

Step 2: Cook Bacon; Reserve Liquid

Step 3: Add Salt, Sugar, Pepper
and Cider Vinegar to Liquid

Step 4: Cook Potatoes; Mash Them and
Add Fat Mixture, Cooked Bacon and Dill

This was definitely an indulgent mashed potato recipe. Although I felt exceptionally full after, I would consider making this recipe again and perhaps adding garlic and a few other spices for additional flavor (in another 365 days of course!).



I love crepes – especially because of the versatility to make them either savory or sweet. I have made crepes only one time in my life; however, my crepes did not turn out in as of a tasty concoction as I wanted them to. As a result, I figured I would leave any type of crepe making to the experts.

Through Yelp, I was able to find Saley, a crepe restaurant in the Capitol Hill neighborhood of Seattle and happened to visit it this past Sunday with a few girlfriends. Although the space inside was tiny, the vibe, atmosphere and most importantly, the crepes, more than completed the experience. The server suggested to order the #6 – “The Queen”. As my mind contemplated between savory and sweet, I finally decided to follow the servers suggestion of “The Queen” crepe which was filled with chicken, tomatoes, spinach, cheese and Saley’s secret sauce.

In addition to this delicious crepe, I figured I would complete the meal with a cup of joe for a daily boost of caffeine. Well, the only thing that would have made it truly complete is if we could have been transported to Paris…



Salvador Molly’s

Salvador Molly’s
is hands-down one of my favorite restaurants. I will never forget my first venture to this fine establishment in Portland. I was absolutely stunned by the bright and vibrant colors mixed with the colorful artwork on the wall. However, I was a bit confused  by the many different types of cuisine offered on the menu. The server clarified to me that he would classify the menu options as mix of Jamaican, Ethiopian, Hawaiian, Cuban and Creole foods.

In addition to a mix of plenty of both spice-filled and spicy offerings, Salvador Molly’s offers a great food challenge known as the Great Balls of Fire which consists of a serving of habanero cheese fritters.I once tried a few of these cheesy poofs of spice infernos; however, I failed at consuming the whole dish and instead resulted in a complete burning of my stomach lining.  However, those that eat a plateful of these get crowned with their presence on the “Great Wall of Flame”. Although I did not make it onto this infamous wall, I still love this restaurant greatly and enjoy coming back each time to try something different.

This past time, I visited with a friend simply for the $5 lunch specials. I chose the jambalaya and she chose a Cuban sandwich. Luckily for us, my friend was part of their rewards program so we received a free dessert as well. It’s always nice when that happens!


Grilled Honey Lime Chicken

Cooking with limes always reminds me of Summer barbecues and Mint Mojitos.  I love the light and fruity flavors that result out of summer dishes because the Fall and Winter seasons definitely encompass more heavy and comfort-filled items. Despite the fact that the season of Summer has come and passed, I still enjoy cooking with limes year-round. So, I was ecstatic (and very thankful) when I found this recipe for Honey Lime Chicken from The Enchanted Cook. I had also recently been in the mood to grill so this recipe was absolutely perfect.

In addition to my penchant for limes, I love the fact that grilling (for the most part) can be quite easy and takes little time and effort. For this recipe, I just measured the dry ingredients, zested and juiced a lime and then combined all the ingredients into a Ziploc bag with the chicken to marinate. All this recipe took was less than five minutes of prep time before work and then it was ready to throw on the grill after coming home. All in all, this was a very flavorful recipe that tasted very light – exactly what I needed amidst all the heavy and calorie-laden options for Fall foods.


Almond Crusted Chicken Fingers

Lately, I have been doing a lot of cooking with friends which makes the whole experience just that much better. This past weekend was no different. This time, my lovely roommate found a recipe for Almond-Crusted Chicken Fingers that she wanted to try. I don’t have them very often, but every now and then I will crave chicken nuggets — so, let’s just say I was more than excited when she mentioned this recipe. Plus, I was intrigued by the fact that the crust contained almonds which happens to be one of my favorite nuts. Did I mention that the recipe called for few ingredients too? Stellar pick by my roommate!

Step 1: Chop Almonds

Step 2: Pulse Almonds, Spices,
Flour & Olive Oil in Food Processor 

Step 3: Cut Chicken; Dip in Egg
Batter and Then Almond Mixture 

Step 4: Bake Chicken and Enjoy!

This chicken recipe was fantastic and goes well with salad as a side dish. But, don’t forget to add oil or cooking spray to prevent the underside of the chicken from sticking (we accidentally made that mistake — oops!). And, if you are a sauce fiend like me, don’t forget to use a plethora of sauces too!