Macrina Bakery

A few days ago, I was looking through old pictures and happened to find ones taken from when I studied abroad in Florence, Italy. Naturally, I started to miss Italy and became quite nostalgic as memories started to surface about the good times I had there, the beautiful culture and especially, the food.

One of my favorite parts of Italy was the many bakeries that dotted the sides of the streets. As I started to become reminded of the bakeries, I decided that I needed to visit one and had the chance to do so this past weekend.

A friend and I chose to go to Macrina Bakery in Queen Anne where I splurged and ordered a Nutella Brioche (totally fitting because Italians are smitten with nutella!). I absolutely loved the buttery taste of the bread combined with the rich nutella. I will say, I became full very fast, but I am definitely looking forward to my next visit soon!

Props to Macrina Bakery for giving me a totally delectable goody this past Saturday, it was the perfect start to the day!




As a former resident of the Portland Metropolitan area, I completely jumped on the band-wagon of the food-truck frequenting population and tried many different cuisines among the pods of these mobile machines.

We all know that the Pacific Northwest downpours between the months of October through May, so those sit-down restaurants may seem more appealing than trudging in the rain to the local food cart. However, I’ve often times thought that the $6.75 I spent on these mobile machines and the overall dining experience was monumentally better than what I’d find spending $14-$20-some-odd dollars on an overpriced and frankly-not-as-flavorful dish from a sit-down restaurant.

Last weekend, I was fortunate enough to experience both worlds: the innovative food palette of a food truck transformed into the neighborhood diner known as Skillet. Now, even though my boyfriend and I went on a day that was absolutely gorgeous, I will totally be revisiting this hotspot once the weather turns frigid and I no longer think that frolicking through puddles is fun. But, enough about my complaints about the rain – the food here was wonderful.

I decided to try the Fried Chicken Sammy – complete with Fennel Crusted Fried Chicken, Jalapeno Charred Aioli, and a Brioche Bun. Perfection.

I normally don’t indulge in fried chicken, but I figured I had to for this occasion. Plus, the fried crust was encrusted with fennel. When else would I get to try that? My suggestion? Visit Skillet any day and you’ll be pleasantly surprised by the inviting atmosphere, clever mix of menu items, and great service.