Salted Butter Apple Galette


Sometimes I feel like there is so much stress to make the ‘perfect pie’ or ‘perfect tart’ or ‘perfect pastry dish’. I can’t tell you the number of times that I’ve had to redo parts of a crust on a dessert or take extra time to make sure that it looked ‘perfect’.

There are many aspects that I loved about this Salted Butter Apple Galette from Bon Appetit; however, perhaps the best part was that it didn’t focus on being perfect. In some places the galette crust is longer than other parts, in some places the galette crust is browned more than other places, and in some places the galette crust has a more thick crust. But, in this case, not trying to ‘make it look perfect’ resulted in it looking (and, tasting!) better.

This dessert is rustic, yet yields powerful flavors through the salted butter, vanilla bean and sweet apples. This is a definite crowd-pleaser and one that I’ll make sure to make again!

Here are some tips for making this recipe:

1. Don’t focus on the crust: Seriously. Just roll out the dough, place the apple slices on top, and fold the dough over the apples. So. simple. For real.
2. Mandoline: Use a mandoline if you have one. It makes the process of cutting apples so simple and quick.
3. Go big on the vanilla bean, brown sugar and brown butter: The center of this galette might look burned; however, it is not. That is simple the result of the vanilla bean, brown sugar and browned butter.

Let me know if you’ve ever tried this dessert!




Banana Stuffed French Toast With Streusel Topping

Sometimes a decadent breakfast is required in order to start the  day out right. Although I would not recommend doing this everyday, I completely think that indulging for breakfast every now and then is totally acceptable.

This is exactly how I felt this past weekend – I just wanted French Toast  and did not want to care about the dreaded caloric content. My solution? Decadent breakfast + smaller-than-normal portion size = one satisfied lady with a stomach that was not too full!

Step 1: Cut Challah Bread into Slices and
Cut “Pouch”; Cut Banana Slices

Step 2: Carmelize Bananas and Stuff into Bread

Step 3: Whisk the Egg Mixture Together

Step 4: Place Stuffed Bread in Egg Mixture with Almonds

Step 5: Combine Streusel Topping; Place on Top and Bake

Although decadent, I am happy to have made this. One recommendation is to be careful with the soak time of the challah bread and how much liquid it absorbs. Other than that, a perfect start to a Saturday or Sunday!