Sweet Potato Biscuits

Sweet Potato Biscuits

Sweet potatoes have become a staple in my diet. Not only do they offer an excellent source of vitamins and fiber, but sweet potatoes also are quite delicious and easy to cook as a nice dish to accompany most dinner meals. Now, although I’ve been on a sweet potato overload lately, I couldn’t resist this recipe for Sweet Potato Biscuits from Food and Wine Magazine. My favorite potato of choice plus a flaky biscuit equals a win, win situation in my opinion!

Step 1: Mix Sweet Potato
Puree with Buttermilk

Making dough for Sweet Potato Biscuits
Step 2: Mix Sweet Potato Puree
with Flour Mixture and Butter

Making dough for Sweet Potato Biscuits
Step 3: Roll Out Dough and Cut
into Round Shapes

Forming biscuits for Sweet Potato Biscuits
Step 4: Bake and Eat!

Sweet Potato Biscuits
I really thoroughly enjoyed this recipe for Sweet Potato Biscuits. The sweet potato puree used in this recipe is a perfect amount that allows for the biscuit to have a hint of sweet potato (and a beautiful color), but without an overpowering sweet flavor. I’d recommend to add a small amount of butter to create a savory taste. Just make sure not to indulge in too many of them!


Sweet Potato Biscuits


Tasty ‘n Sons

Now, normally, I am not the biggest fan of noisy restaurants, but I absolutely love the energetic atmosphere from Tasty ‘n Sons. A week ago, I ventured to this friendly, neighborhood establishment in Northeast Portland to meet a friend for brunch. As soon as we entered (sans coffee consumption), the energetic atmosphere immediately revved us up similar to the effect that a caffeine jolt has on the body and mind. Besides the lively ambiance, the aesthetics intrigued us with subtle brown walls complete with a large, black imprint of a bicycle on the wall that can be classified as “oh-so-Portland”. But, besides the feel and looks of this restaurant, the food lives up to its expectations and then some. Especially for those that cannot decide easily (I’m very much a culprit), Tasty ‘n Sons is perfect as a result of the element of small plates which creates a unique experience with menu  items that range from griddle-bacon wrapped dates to glazed yams with cumin-maple to North African sausages with couscous to Auntie Paula’s French toast. Hungry yet? I sure am. My taste buds are already starting to water from just reminiscing about it.

Special of the Day

Peaches & Cream With Teleme & Honey

Chocolate Potato Doughnut With Crème Anglaise

End point: I highly recommened this place and absolutely can not wait to go back again.


Strawberry Shortcakes

One of my friends who lives in Berkeley decided to come home for a surprise visit this weekend. In turn, we assembled a last-minute dinner party to celebrate her return. Naturally, I wanted to make something for dessert. But, I was completely indecisive and wanted to make something that wouldn’t take too much time or effort. It wasn’t until I woke up to an intensive bout of sunshine Saturday morning that I felt compelled to make a spring-inspired dessert (fingers crossed that the sunshine continues!). So, while perusing through possible spring desserts, I finally settled upon Strawberry Shortcakes.

Step 1: Create Dough with Butter,
Sugar, Salt, and Milk

Step 2: Drop Dough Onto Greased Pan;
Spread Whipping Cream and Sugar On Top

Step 3: Combine Strawberries, Fresh
Lemon Juice, and Sugar (Let Sit for 1.5 Hours)

Step 4: Bake Dough and Slice Each In Half

Step 5: Use a Mixer to Create Whipped
Cream With Heavy Whipping Cream and Sugar

Step 6: Assemble Whipped Cream,
Cakes, and Strawberries Together

This recipe was definitely quick, easy, and a nice change from the usual dessert rotation. Although it is a rich dessert, I want to experiment with making miniature Strawberry Shortcakes for next time.

All in all, the dinner party was so much fun. I love catching up with friends over a nice dinner, dessert, and wine.