Decorative Fall Apple Pie

Decorative Fall Apple Pie

I will definitely be one of the first to admit that I was so incredibly excited the minute October 1 came this year. While I absolutely adore Summer, I love all of the weather, traditions, and most importantly, the FOOD, that are associated with Fall. I can’t help it – it’s just contagious!

No Fall would be complete without at least one Apple Pie. This time I decided that I really wanted to go ‘all out’ with its design and make it not only taste well, but look cool too. In previous pies, I’ve free-hand cut leaves; however, that was absolutely too tedious. I stumbled upon these cute fall leaves cookie cutters from Williams-Sonoma and absolutely fell in love. They are adorable, easy to use and produced fantastic leaf-shaped cut-outs – perfect for a Fall pie!

I made this exact Apple Pie in a previous post; however, this time, I opted to make it again and instead amp it up with some decorative pieces. Here’s how I made it:

Step 1: Make Dough, Roll Out Dough,
Place in Pie Dish, Cut Out Fall Leaves
with Cookie Cutters, Place Around Rim


Step 2: Peel Apples, Slice Apples

Decorative Fall Apple Pie

Decorative Fall Apple Pie

Step 3: Combine Spices, Sugars and
Lemon Juice with Apple Slices

Decorative Fall Apple Pie

Step 4: Place Apples in Pie Dish;
Place Extra Apple Cut-Outs on Top

Decorative Fall Apple Pie

Decorative Fall Apple Pie

Step 5: Bake and Eat!

Decorative Fall Apple Pie

While this pie did take a long time to make, it was completely worth it in the end. Apple pie is always such a nice Fall treat, especially when used with tart, tart apples. For next time… I believe a pumpkin pie would be in our future.


Decorative Fall Apple Pie


Christmas Dinner

This year, I wanted to experiment with a few new and non-traditional recipes (for example: berry pie instead of pumpkin pie). The following highlights some interesting recipes I made from Real Simple and Epicurious.

Caramelized Onion Tart With Apples: I chose to make this because I liked the fact that this recipe was a mix of a savory and sweet flavors. Specifically, caramelized onions add a perfect flair to any recipe. Plus, this recipe called for Pastry Sheets which means I didn’t have to make the dough! Simple, easy, few ingredients, and delicious! What’s not to love?

Step 1: Chop Onions and Apples

Step 2: Caramelize Onions;
Add Apples and Other Spices

Step 3: Thaw Pastry Sheets, Add
Sour Cream, Apples and
Caramelized Onions, Bake!

Mustard-Crusted Pork Roasted With Shallots and Wine Sauce: This recipe just LOOKED amazing from it’s picture so I decided on a whim to make it. Good thing I wasn’t dissappointed! The addition of mustard made the pork juicy and very flavorful.

Step 1: Toss Shallots in Olive Oil

Step 2: Mix Mustards and Chopped
Sage; Add to Pork

Step 3: Bake at 400 Degrees for 95
Minutes, Cut, Serve!

Now, this next concoction was a mix of two recipes: Classic Sour Cherry Pie With Lattice Crust (crust) and Mixed Berry Pie With Ginger, Orange, and Almond Streusel (filling). Every time I make pie, I always end up with too many leftovers that do not get eaten in time. So, this time, I opted to make individualized berry pies. Plus, I found a super good deal at Kitchen Kaboodle ($2.95 each for Ramekins!).

Step 1: Make Dough With Flour, Butter,
and Other Ingredients; Chill Slightly

Step 2: Use Rolling Pin to Roll Out
Dough, Spread onto Ramekins,
Cut Off Border

Step 3: Use Pastry Wheel to Cut Lattices

Step 4: Stir Filling with Berries,
Sugar, Cornstarch, and Lemon Juice

Step 5: Fill Dough, Place Lattices, Bake!

The dessert definitely took the longest hands-on time to make, but it was definitely worth it. I hope your Christmas was fabulous!