Superbowl Sunday: Caramel Football Cake


Happy Superbowl Sunday!

The caramel cake featured in this post is fantastic in so many ways, judging by its vanilla bean-rich moist cake layers, brilliant use of buttermilk and utterly satisfying caramel frosting.

I actually made this cake two weeks prior to the Superbowl and didn’t even initially have the intention of crafting it into a football caramel cake. As I was in the process of making this caramel cake, my boyfriend and I were looking at its recipe page and pictures from Food and Wine Magazine. As the color resembled a football, he had the creative idea to turn this once original round cake into an oval-shaped football caramel cake. I agreed and off we went to cut pieces from the cake and sculpt this cake into a football shape. The last touches just involved lathering on the caramel frosting and topping it all off with some white icing for the stripes and laces.

Whether you would want to use this for a Superbowl party or just make it the normal way, this cake is solid choice for a dessert. Here are a few tips I would suggest:

1. Vanilla Bean: Make sure to buy real vanilla bean at the store instead of substituting vanilla extract. Nothing compares to vanilla bean – the smell alone should convince you to use this every time.

2. Frosting Help: The frosting for this cake is a bit different than other frostings I have done, namely because the frosting is hot when it is put onto the cake. Once it comes off the stove and the mixing process, you have to work quickly to ensure that the frosting doesn’t harden too quickly with the threat of it becoming unspreadable. I would recommend calling a friend or family member to help pour and spread the caramel frosting.



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