Blackberry & Ginger Cocktail

Blackberry & Ginger Cocktail

Lately I have fallen in love with mint. It is such a fun flavor to add to savory dishes, salads and certain desserts. Prior to a few months ago, I hadn’t added mint to many fruit dishes, desserts or sweet flavored items; however, the opposite has happened this Summer – I’ve been adding mint to everything (Well, not everything, but you get the idea!)!

This particular recipe struck my eye not only because of its bold and beautiful colors, but also due to its mix of flavors of ginger, blackberries and limes. Plus, I love the idea of both crushed and whole blackberries floating in this drink.

Here’s a quick rundown of how to make this Blackberry and Ginger Cocktail. I highly recommend adding a few, whole blackberries in at the end and a just a touch of sugar (if you prefer drinks a bit more on the sweet side).


Blackberry & Ginger Cocktail


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