Happy July 4th!

July 4th Flag Cake

Happy July 4th to everyone! I hope you have a fun and safe day celebrating with family and friends.

I’ve seen this cake for a few years floating around numerous blogs and websites on the Internet. Last year, I was mesmerized after watching a short Instagram video from All Recipes on how to make this infamous July 4th Flag Cake. I then bought all the ingredients: multiple cake boxes, food coloring, eggs, oil and frosting. Unfortunately, after all of the hard work of baking multiple layers, carefully assembling the cake and frosting it to the finish, two of my layers of cake crumbled and half of the July 4th Flag Cake slide off the cake stand! This caused me to scramble to make a July 4th-themed dessert at the last minute. While all was completely fine in the end, I was a bit bummed that this cool treat hadn’t worked out the way I wanted.

This year, I was determined to redeem the past year’s epic failure. Luckily, it worked out marvelously. Take a peek below!

July 4th Flag Cake

Want to make this cake next year for July 4th? Find the recipe from All Recipes here: American Flag Cake.

Here are a few tips to baking a successful July 4th Flag Cake:

1. Cake: If you decided to use the boxed kinds of cake, make sure to buy several boxes (and, potentially an extra just in case!). The reason why is this: you don’t want to be stuck without a layer if one of your cake layers doesn’t happen to come out perfectly from the cake pan.

2. Frosting: Use frosting that is light and fluffy. It gives the cake a nice texture and adds some depth to the layers of cake (I used Pillsbury ‘Whipped’ Vanilla Frosting).

3. Red Food Coloring: Make sure the batter for the red layer is actually quite red. It could end up looking more ‘pink’ versus ‘red’ if not enough red food coloring is added.

How did you celebrate your July 4th holiday this year?


July 4th Flag Cake

July 4th Flag Cake


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