Mustard Pork with Sage, Hazelnut Topping

Mustard Pork with Sage and Hazelnut Topping
I am definitely a true carnivore at heart and have a great appreciation for trying all different types and cuts of meat. One of my absolute favorites is a well-cooked pork loin. I was drawn to this recipe, Mustard Pork with Sage, Hazelnut Topping, for several reasons, but especially as a result of the hazelnut topping. Over the last few years, I have experimented with pork many times, including different rubs, sauces or relishes, but never with a nut topping.

Hazelnuts are particular tasty and not overly oily which makes them an ideal choice to use in this recipe. The use of mustard combined with a flavorful rub allows the pork to be juicy while the hazelnut topping mixed with sage creates a nice crunch and aroma that fills the kitchen. I served this pork recipe during the holidays for my family and it was crowned an instant hit.

Have you ever added hazelnuts or another type of  nut to pork? Please share in a comment below.


Mustard Pork with Sage and Hazelnut Topping


4 thoughts on “Mustard Pork with Sage, Hazelnut Topping

  1. Yum! What a great use of hazelnuts! I freaking love them but i’ve never thought of using them as a savoury crust/rub. So so good, and totally agree with the carnivore thing, I kinda love trying all the different cuts and parts of an animal. It sounds weird but I think it’s the kindest way to live, if we appreciate the whole animal then it didn’t die in vain!

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