Colorful Bruschetta

colorful tomato bruschetta

I love the idea of having staple items in the kitchen for meals to provide consistency and an easy-to-follow routine. But, in order to avoid getting into a “recipe-rut”, I really try to implement at least one change or a new food item each week.

This week I decided to buy a “tomato medley” of red, orange and yellow colored tomatoes instead of my usual purchase of cherry tomatoes. Although I’d usually use these as an option for a snack or salad topper, I decided that these would be perfect for Tomato, Red Onion and Basil Bruschetta. In my head, I renamed the recipe “colorful bruschetta” as a result of the nice pop of color from all of the different colored tomatoes.

I was excited to make this recipe for two reasons. First, it provides a nice contrast in the winter against traditionally heavy foods. Secondly, I used a very handy and useful new utensil kit consisting of a spoonula, baster and spatula from Kitchen Innovate. See below for the recipe and how I used this new kit!

Step 1: Chop Tomatoes, Garlic, Red Onion and Basil

bruschetta ingredients

Step 2: Mix Ingredients Together With Spoonula

Mixing bruschetta ingredients

Step 3: Slice Bread Into Thin Pieces

bruschetta bread

Step 4: Use Baster to Spread Each
Piece of Bread with Olive Oil

Drizzle olive oil on bread

Brush olive oil on bread

Brush olive oil on bread

Step 5: Place Bread in Broiler for a
Few Minutes; Scrape With Garlic

toasted bruschetta bread

Step 6: Use Spatula to Put Tomato
Mixture onto Each  Piece of Bread

put tomato mixture onto bruschetta

Step 7: Bring to a Party and Enjoy!

colorful tomato bruschetta

I consider this recipe to be a win-win and especially with the help of the utensil kit from Kitchen Innovate. Not only were the flavors delicious, but the baster was a clever tool to use because it allowed me to spread olive oil evenly across the bread instead of just having bites doused with too much olive oil from drizzling. Plus, the spatula worked well for dishing out the last bits of tomato mixture and to ensure to use every last bit!

As it relates to the actual recipe, I ended up serving for my family and guests and they absolutely loved them. The varying flavors from the different colored tomatoes made for nice bursts of flavor against the red onion and basil. I thought that we’d for sure have leftovers, but I was pleasantly surprised!


colorful tomato bruschetta


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