Apple Pie

Fall is absolutely one of my favorite seasons. I love when the leaves morph into stunning shades of orange, yellow, red and sometimes even pink. I love wearing boots and sloshing through puddles (as long as I don’t get too wet!). I love sipping on warm drinks and the crisp sharp air. And, lastly, I love the flavors of Fall – sweet potato, squash, pumpkin and of course apple!

This Sunday I decided to make an Apple Pie. In my opinion,ย  Apple Pie is a classic dessert and a perfect accompaniment to celebrate Fall and relish the day of Sunday before the work week starts again. I was especially excited to make this Apple Pie because I had been wanting to put shapes onto a pie for a long time and recently became inspired by the Apple Pie that was featured on the blog Cupcakes and Cashmere. Shapes on the top of the pie just make it more fun and festive. I almost spelled out “Happy Halloween” and I was also extremely tempted to put pumpkin shapes onto this pie too. But, in the end, I stuck with the leaf shape. The more adventurous shapes will have to wait for next time!

You know what is a bit humorous? I put three slits into this pie; however, during the baking process, a fourth slit ripped open in the pie. Now it almost looks like I wanted this pie to resemble a Jack-O-Lantern. Do you spot what I’m talking about? I guess this pie is just even more Fall and Halloween-themed now!



7 thoughts on “Apple Pie

  1. barbara shutte says:

    Pretty fancy apple pie!!  Looks delicious.  Are you sure you didn’t decorate that pie for HALLOWEEN???  sure looks like that.  good job Lex. Love, grams 


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