Kreativ/Versatile Blogger

This past week I was very lucky and honored to have been nominated by two fantastic bloggers (Lemon Salt and The Vintage Style Queen) for the Kreativ and Versatile Blogger Award.

Lemon Salt features recipes that encompass all things lemon (and deliciously looking recipes I must say!).

The Vintage Style Queen showcases unique musings of fun vintage finds and a rockin’ personal style.

If you haven’t checked out either of these blogs already, I highly encourage you to do so and subscribe to them as well – you won’t be disappointed!

Rules :

1. Thank the blogger who nominated you.

2. Share seven things about yourself that people may or may not know already.

3. Pass the award along to others and let them know you’ve nominated them!

Thank You!

So, again, thank you to Lemon Salt and The Vintage Style Queen for the nominations – I am very appreciative!

7 Things:

 1. I only wear red-colored nail polish.

2. I’m not a video-game fan; however, I could play old-school Nintendo for what could be considered an embarrassing amount of hours.

3. I love all things spicy (well, perhaps not all things…) – this includes copious amounts of sriracha sauce.

4. I love soccer, football and gymnastics. Let’s just say that I cannot wait for the London 2012 Summer Olympics!

5. One of my favorite bands to this day is the British band known as Bloc Party.

6. I secretly (or perhaps not so secretly) wish I could have lived in the South at some point during my life.

7. I try to look at life with a “glass half-full approach” and wear a smile on my face often.


I’d like to nominate the following bloggers:

Sydney’s Kitchen – A passionate food blogger who produces amazing photos and even more importantly, very tasty food.

All That Glitters is Ginger – A creative blog that encompasses fashion, beauty, food and travel all in one place.

Crushing on Clothes – A cute and super fabulous girl who pulls off fun and daring looks and blogs about it.

For the Love of Food – An all-around informative blog that produces unique content and themed content each day. Curious? Today’s theme is “Meatless Mondays”.

Girl in a Food Frenzy – Follow this blogger’s journey through food and culinary school (and drool over pictures in the meantime!).

Jo the Tart Queen – Unique, delicious and fun recipes that will inspire you each time you visit her site.

Leslie the Foodie – A clever mix of savory and sweet recipes that will guarantee to make you hungry and want to bake or cook.

Thank you again and have a wonderful day!



8 thoughts on “Kreativ/Versatile Blogger

  1. Congrats!!! Love the little facts about yourself! Very glam re the red nail polish! I think it’s great and everyone should have their signature style! Thank you for the nomination too, 🙂

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