Blood Orange Tart

Lately, I feel as though I have been seeing so many blood orange-centric recipes and drinks spurting up everywhere. This is probably completely the result of some of my recent bouts of time spent on Pinterest; however, after seeing so many recipes, I knew I had found my calling to make something with this intriguing and beautiful fruit. Of course, I soon learned that blood oranges are actually quite a hot commodity and are only available at certain points during the year. After calling two grocery stores and finding out they did not have them, I became quite discouraged. But, as the age-old phrase says, “third time is always a charm” and I found success with the third grocery store I called.

After a quick search, I found a recipe that many have tried from Food and Wine Magazine: Flaky Blood Orange Tart. My eyes were instantly sold after gazing at its rustic look and the mention of a flaky crust. And, since it was coming from such a reliable source, I knew I had to try it!

Step 1: Make Dough

Step 2: Peel and Slice Blood Oranges

Step 3: Roll Out Dough and Arrange
Blood Orange Slices on Top

Step 4: Fold Up Edges Around
Oranges and Brush Edges with Egg Wash

Step 4: Bake at 375 Degrees and Eat!

Even though peeling and removing the pith from these oranges took what seemed like forever and my fingers were stained a purple-y/red color for a day, the end result was totally worth it. I can definitely see why these are such an esteemed fruit. The intense and unique flavor of these oranges paired with a flaky crust is perfect for a brunch treat. If you ever get the chance, I’d highly recommend trying this recipe or using blood oranges in a different type of concoction. Have a great Sunday everyone!



32 thoughts on “Blood Orange Tart

  1. Kelly says:

    That looks so simple to make, yet elegant. I love blood oranges, but they can be pretty difficult to find here in the states! I think I’ll go look for some now…:)

  2. wish i could find these blood oranges more readily in Singapore! I just love them for their ruby red colour and their surprising sweetness! would love to have a bite of your blood orange tart! they look great!

    • We did indeed! This was my first time baking with them and so glad I did! I like the shortbread recipe that you did though – if I can find some more at the store I will definitely have to try your recipe too!

  3. I love the crimson color of blood oranges but I have never tried them. Are they quite similar to regular oranges? I should just try them and then try this tart, it looks amazing 🙂

    • In a way – yes. Mostly – they have a more intense flavor – some compare the flavor to have a slight raspberry tone. If you can find them at the grocery store, I highly encourage to at least try them! 🙂

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