Salvador Molly’s

Salvador Molly’s
is hands-down one of my favorite restaurants. I will never forget my first venture to this fine establishment in Portland. I was absolutely stunned by the bright and vibrant colors mixed with the colorful artwork on the wall. However, I was a bit confused  by the many different types of cuisine offered on the menu. The server clarified to me that he would classify the menu options as mix of Jamaican, Ethiopian, Hawaiian, Cuban and Creole foods.

In addition to a mix of plenty of both spice-filled and spicy offerings, Salvador Molly’s offers a great food challenge known as the Great Balls of Fire which consists of a serving of habanero cheese fritters.I once tried a few of these cheesy poofs of spice infernos; however, I failed at consuming the whole dish and instead resulted in a complete burning of my stomach lining.  However, those that eat a plateful of these get crowned with their presence on the “Great Wall of Flame”. Although I did not make it onto this infamous wall, I still love this restaurant greatly and enjoy coming back each time to try something different.

This past time, I visited with a friend simply for the $5 lunch specials. I chose the jambalaya and she chose a Cuban sandwich. Luckily for us, my friend was part of their rewards program so we received a free dessert as well. It’s always nice when that happens!


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