Black-Bean & Tomato Quinoa

Whether you pronounce it “KEEN-WAH” or “KEEN-AH-WAH”, hands down I love it. However, I will admit that at first glance, I was a bit skeptical of this strange, grain-like substance. But, after a few times that I of trying it, I realized that this once previously thought sketchy crop was actually quite tasty. Even though Quinoa has a unique, nutty flavor, the key to its taste success lies in the dressing (at least in my opinion).

Lately, I’ve been on a lime-kick and have indulged in any and all recipes lime-worthy. I happened to find a recipe for Quinoa (Black-Bean & Tomato Quinoa) and the dressing relied heavily on limes. So, after zesting a lime, cutting some cilantro, and cooking some Quinoa (not from a box, go me!), I was set to make this recipe!

Step 1: Chop Cilantro and Zest Lime

Step 2: Whisk Sugar, Salt, Oil, Melted Butter
Lime Juice, Lime Zest, and Pepper Together

Step 3: Cook Quinoa

Step 4: Mix Tomatoes, Black Beans,
Lime Dressing, and Quinoa Together 

This recipe is definitely very fresh and tasty. Next time, I’d love to add more vegetables and some jalapenos to add some more flair. Even though Quinoa looks a bit funky (as compared to usual pasta), I really like it. I will admit that it was a bit of a pain and hassle to make it the old-fashioned way. Next time, I will definitely look for a short-cut!

Funky, fresh, and flavorful — at least I found something to keep me satisfied for a few days!



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