Red Fox Vintage

You didn’t have to tell me that twice. Within 10 seconds of peering around the store, I instantly spotted trendy jewelry, interesting lamps, owl emblems, classic beer signs, and an old fashioned telephone. Basically, I easily could have happily walked out of the store with an entirely new outfit from head to toe, artwork for my walls, eclectic cookware, a new outlet of communication, and even a gift that my boyfriend would like!

Red Fox Vintage is a resale vintage store located in Northeast Portland. This vintage store pulls from a large pool of vendors. This perk explains why a large breadth and bevy of items can be found in this store ranging from an artsy candlestick holder to a coffee table to a horse figurine to a slick pair of heels.

For me, I was definitely torn while perusing through the store. Many different skirts and dresses caught my eye as well as several unique jewelry holders. But, amidst all of the temptations and enticing items (I’m definitely not complaining), I was curiously drawn to this typewriter in a faded shade of blue color:



I was unfortunately not able to purchase this typewriter at the time. Although the typewriter is circa 1870’s time period, I will seriously envy the person who so luckily purchases it. I would love the chance to use a typewriter to configure a unique note as well as for the opportunity to place it on a shelf or desk for an aesthetically witty look.

However, I definitely did not leave Red Fox Vintage empty-handed. I happened to spot a cream colored old-fashioned telephone. Although some rust had gathered near the telephone numbers, the $8 price tag convinced me otherwise that this was a stellar pick. I plan on fixing it up with some paint and shine within the next coming weeks (more to come on that in a future blog post).

The following pictures highlight another interesting old-fashioned telephone and other additional unique items that I found at Red Fox Vintage:


Flower-Themed Pots

Pretty Pink Dress

Fruit Cookware

Owl Art 


Classic Beer Sign 

When in the mood for vintage shopping, I’d definitely recommend visiting Red Fox Vintage. Unique treasures, extremely reasonable prices, and a delightful staff combine to create a truly fun vintage shopping experience. Now among my top favorite vintage stores, I can’t wait to go back! 



4 thoughts on “Red Fox Vintage

  1. What a lovely article on Red Fox, thank you so much!
    Our sweet shop just opened this past September and the response from the community has been fabulous. To all your readers, please come by and check out the massive array of vintage delights, I think you’ll find our prices and selection amazing. Tell us you saw this article and we’ll take 10% off your purchase as a thank you.
    We are located at 30th and N.E. Killingsworth right smack between Cup and Saucer and Peoples Yoga. Thanks again for featuring us! Betsy, Erin, and Jodi.

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