Handmade Birthday Card!

For me, shopping for any type of holiday or celebratory card is always stressful. Now, that last sentence may sound strange; therefore, I must clarify my muddled thoughts. Since I am very indecisive when it comes to buying the perfect card, I will find that a vast assortment of cards will mysteriously appear in my shopping basket as I’m diligently searching for the perfect card. Then, I often find myself at the cash register with six cards instead of one for a friend’s birthday. I can’t decide and then have to revisit the card section of the store in order to make a decision. Unfortunately, I usually don’t accomplish much in my card shopping expeditions. So, I figured that I would make a few birthday cards this month instead of spending over my allotted time searching for cards and, in turn, buying too many cards.

As a result of this ingenious idea, the following was created:

These cards were simple – it just took a little patience, meticulous scissor-cutting skills, and some handy glue. Now, after making these cards, I must ponder what type of cake I will make for my friends and family who share birthdays this month!



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