Homemade Lasagna

I just spoke via Skype with a friend who I haven’t been able to speak to in months. Currently, she is living in Seoul, South Korea and teaching English to kindergartners. Although it’s been a vast adjustment, she has enjoyed all of the challenges, scenery, and culture. She is a very brave young woman and I’m proud of her for pursuing that opportunity!

I especially enjoyed hearing about her travels and new experiences. Since I love food and trying new things, I undoubtedly felt compelled to inquire about South Korean cuisine. Basically, mixtures of rice, noodles, vegetables, and various meats comprise most meals in combination with plenty of spicy flavors and seasonings.

However, although she is having a blast sampling Korean cuisine and other fare from her travels, my friend does miss traditional meals from home as well as classic Southern dishes. That being said, I decided to make one of her favorite dishes and dedicate this post to her (this may seem cruel – but, we talked about it on Skype and she though it would serve as a great reminder of home!). Since I don’t have a deep fryer, I thought that some type of pasta dish would be best. Instantly, the thought of lasagna came to mind. So, after replenishing ingredients at the store, I made a delicious Mushroom and Sausage Lasagna.

Step 1: Saute Onions, Chopped
Mushrooms; Add Sausage and Garlic

Step 2: Layer Noodles, Tomato Sauce,
Cheese, and Sausage Mixture (Alternating)

[Use Flat No-Bake Noodles — They are
easier to use and taste better!]

Step 3: Bake, Slice, and Enjoy!

[The flat no-bake noodles don’t look as aesthetically pleasing.
Despite the appearance, the flavors mixed together wonderfully.]

Lasagna can be a great meal when done right. Often times, an overabundance or shortage exists of one of the items and in turn creates a taste bud rollercoaster. For example, I have had lasagnas in the past where the amount of ricotta cheese was too prevalent or lasagnas which contained a sparse serving of meat/vegetables and seasonings.

The key to a great lasagna is setting up the best ratio of noodle to sauce to cheese to meat/vegetables. This can be found by happening to stumble upon a great recipe or through trial and error. In my case, I was lucky and happened to find a great recipe on the first try!


P.S. To my friend in South Korea — I miss you dearly and I hope this reminds you of home. In fact, I’ll make it upon your return!


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