Recipe Book

Since I started baking and cooking more frequently, the recipes that I’ve used have resulted in a cluttered mess of papers around my desk, kitchen, and bedroom. I created a folder to stash these recipes in for further use, but it just didn’t seem to help my organization in this area. Normally, I am a very organized individual; however, when it relates to the organization of recipes, I’m quite lost.

A few months ago, a friend showed me her mother’s Recipe Book which encompassed many years of recipes. She had professionally bound this book and added a unique design and title for her own personalization. Enamored, I knew I had to make my own Recipe Book.

However, I faced a dilemma. I did not want to copy my friend’s mother’s Recipe Book. As I started brainstorming creative designs, the idea of making some sort of collage suddenly dawned on me. Even though collages remind me of middle school days (when every girl had a personalized collage for each class notebook), the thought of creating one seemed cost-efficient, easy, and would make a colorful appearance. Instantly, I set forth to find my trusty pair of scissors, glue stick, old magazines, and white notebook. An unexpected few hours later, my artistic attempts resulted in the following:

Adventures of a Foodie:
A Collection of Culinary Endeavors



Since I have not made a collage in years, I had forgotten how meticulous my scissor-cutting skills needed to be. But, with my determination on my side, I was able to find plenty of food related pictures, diligently cut them out, compile them in some sort of order, and glue them onto the final product.

I’m hopeful that this new Recipe Book will help with my organization efforts (key word being “hopeful”). But, I must say, I’m pleased with the results!



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