5 Things On My Mind in January

Despite dreary weather, this January brought many surprises and new experiences. The following lists a few things currently on my mind during this past month:

1. Rubber Ducky & Bubble Bath — I do realize this IKEA Rubber Ducky is HUGE; however, I think it is absolutely necessary and adds a unique touch. Plus, Sundays without baths and The Body Shop’s satsuma scented bubbles wouldn’t be complete!

2. Belmont Station — Offering quite the plethora of beer, Belmont Station presents just about every possible beer you could imagine (all right, not quite every beer, but over 1,000 is quite the statement!) ranging from fruity flavored ales to dark stouts to imported goods. Beervana if you will?

[In typical fashion, I chose a few that were
completely random of course!]

3. Globes — When I was younger, my friends and I used to play a “game” with the globe in our Social Studies class. We would take turns spinning the globe, closing our eyes, and placing our index finger on some unbeknownst place on the globe before it stopped spinning. Simply, wherever our finger landed resulted in where we had to travel to next in our lives. Now, although these random destinations never came to fruition, it was fun to play the game and dream of  travels to places such as Australia, Greece, and Japan. Perhaps someday I will get to travel to these places. But, for now, I plan on finding an inexpensive globe to add to my room or bookshelf!

[Vintage globe found at House of Vintage in the
Hawthorne neighborhood of Southeast Portland]

4. On-Sale Earrings — I love jewelry. The only problem I have is that I like no-fuss jewelry. This means that dangly earrings or long necklaces and I do not get along well. The other problem I find is that jewelry can often be very expensive for good quality items. But, a few weeks ago, I happened to find a non-dangly pair of earrings marked on sale for $4.99 at Urban Outfitters. I knew I couldn’t pass this offer up and I’m glad that I didn’t!

5. Monster Sudoku — My ultimate nerd emblem: Monster Sudoku. Every Sunday, I attempt the Monster Sudoku puzzle from that Sunday’s newspaper. I just started this one, but it could be awhile until it is completely solved!

To recap: January wouldn’t be complete without bubble baths, random finds, Monster Sudoku puzzles, the luck of finding inexpensive earrings, and the motivation to find a vintage globe!



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