Chicken Piccata

Every now and then, I immensely miss the days when I studied abroad in Italy. Nothing compares to the authenticity of fresh lemons or gooey mozzarella or creamy pesto. In order to help transport me back to these blissful days, I decided to make a classic dish: Chicken Piccata.

After research for recipes, I happened to learn a few facts about this esteemed dish:

  1. Piccata means to “sauté or slice with lemon, butter, and herbs”
  2. Capers are actually unripened flower buds of Capparis spinosa (a prickly plant found in the Mediterranean and various parts of Asia)
  3. This dish is most commonly made with veal in parts of Italy

Eat this dish family style and slice additional lemon slices to create a nice aroma!

Step 1: Season Chicken, Dunk
In Flour, Shake Off Excess Flour

Step 2: Heat in Oil for 2 Minutes; Rotate;
Add Chicken Broth, Wine, and Capers


Step 3: Serve With Rice,
Vegetables, or Pasta and Enjoy!

 This was a flavorful dish, but definitely not for those who don’t like a strong presence of lemon flavoring. I’d make this again, but I’d add more spices to the flour mixture just to take some of the credit away from the lemon!



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