5 Things I Love About the Christmas Season

Christmas is one of my FAVORITE times of year — family traditions, delicious food, wonderful sights, and the reminder to be thankful makes this a truly enjoyable time.

1. Christmas Lights — Every house on Peacock Lane in Southeast Portland is completely decorated in Christmas lights starting on December 15 and lasting through December 31. I don’t know if I’d get any sleep with all of the lights and constant stream of cars passing through if I lived there, but I am in complete awe and admiration of their light display!

2. Christmas Sweets — Not only do I love desserts and all things sweet, but I love concocting sweets into some type of creative invention. So, Gingerbread Houses seem to satisfy this desire through the Holiday season. Although I didn’t make my own this year, I did manage to luckily find a Gingerbread competition while on vacation at the lodge in Sunriver, Oregon. These definitely weren’t the traditional Gingerbread houses, but I did pick a few to show of my favorites:

Gingerbread Ski Lodge

Gingerbread Barn

Gingerbread Woodstock Style

3. Christmas Music — There’s something about Christmas music that always puts me in a good mood. I haven’t had time to go this year, but last year I went to The Grotto in Portland and loved hearing the choir sing.

4. Christmas Movies — Even though we watch it (It’s a Wonderful Life) every Christmas, it never gets old.

5. Christmas Food — Of course, I couldn’t forget the Christmas food! This year, I experimented with new recipes and a non-traditional dessert for the Holiday season. Check it out here.



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