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I love crepes – especially because of the versatility to make them either savory or sweet. I have made crepes only one time in my life; however, my crepes did not turn out in as of a tasty concoction as I wanted them to. As a result, I figured I would leave any type of crepe making to the experts.

Through Yelp, I was able to find Saley, a crepe restaurant in the Capitol Hill neighborhood of Seattle and happened to visit it this past Sunday with a few girlfriends. Although the space inside was tiny, the vibe, atmosphere and most importantly, the crepes, more than completed the experience. The server suggested to order the #6 – “The Queen”. As my mind contemplated between savory and sweet, I finally decided to follow the servers suggestion of “The Queen” crepe which was filled with chicken, tomatoes, spinach, cheese and Saley’s secret sauce.

In addition to this delicious crepe, I figured I would complete the meal with a cup of joe for a daily boost of caffeine. Well, the only thing that would have made it truly complete is if we could have been transported to Paris…



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Salvador Molly’s

Salvador Molly’s
is hands-down one of my favorite restaurants. I will never forget my first venture to this fine establishment in Portland. I was absolutely stunned by the bright and vibrant colors mixed with the colorful artwork on the wall. However, I was a bit confused  by the many different types of cuisine offered on the menu. The server clarified to me that he would classify the menu options as mix of Jamaican, Ethiopian, Hawaiian, Cuban and Creole foods.

In addition to a mix of plenty of both spice-filled and spicy offerings, Salvador Molly’s offers a great food challenge known as the Great Balls of Fire which consists of a serving of habanero cheese fritters.I once tried a few of these cheesy poofs of spice infernos; however, I failed at consuming the whole dish and instead resulted in a complete burning of my stomach lining.  However, those that eat a plateful of these get crowned with their presence on the “Great Wall of Flame”. Although I did not make it onto this infamous wall, I still love this restaurant greatly and enjoy coming back each time to try something different.

This past time, I visited with a friend simply for the $5 lunch specials. I chose the jambalaya and she chose a Cuban sandwich. Luckily for us, my friend was part of their rewards program so we received a free dessert as well. It’s always nice when that happens!


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Grilled Honey Lime Chicken

Cooking with limes always reminds me of Summer barbecues and Mint Mojitos.  I love the light and fruity flavors that result out of summer dishes because the Fall and Winter seasons definitely encompass more heavy and comfort-filled items. Despite the fact that the season of Summer has come and passed, I still enjoy cooking with limes year-round. So, I was ecstatic (and very thankful) when I found this recipe for Honey Lime Chicken from The Enchanted Cook. I had also recently been in the mood to grill so this recipe was absolutely perfect.

In addition to my penchant for limes, I love the fact that grilling (for the most part) can be quite easy and takes little time and effort. For this recipe, I just measured the dry ingredients, zested and juiced a lime and then combined all the ingredients into a Ziploc bag with the chicken to marinate. All this recipe took was less than five minutes of prep time before work and then it was ready to throw on the grill after coming home. All in all, this was a very flavorful recipe that tasted very light – exactly what I needed amidst all the heavy and calorie-laden options for Fall foods.


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Almond Crusted Chicken Fingers

Lately, I have been doing a lot of cooking with friends which makes the whole experience just that much better. This past weekend was no different. This time, my lovely roommate found a recipe for Almond-Crusted Chicken Fingers that she wanted to try. I don’t have them very often, but every now and then I will crave chicken nuggets — so, let’s just say I was more than excited when she mentioned this recipe. Plus, I was intrigued by the fact that the crust contained almonds which happens to be one of my favorite nuts. Did I mention that the recipe called for few ingredients too? Stellar pick by my roommate!

Step 1: Chop Almonds

Step 2: Pulse Almonds, Spices,
Flour & Olive Oil in Food Processor 

Step 3: Cut Chicken; Dip in Egg
Batter and Then Almond Mixture 

Step 4: Bake Chicken and Enjoy!

This chicken recipe was fantastic and goes well with salad as a side dish. But, don’t forget to add oil or cooking spray to prevent the underside of the chicken from sticking (we accidentally made that mistake — oops!). And, if you are a sauce fiend like me, don’t forget to use a plethora of sauces too!


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Baked Macaroni & Cheese With Garlic Bread Crumbs

“It tastes so good, it must be bad.” This thought kept reverberating through my mind while both making this dish (no judgments — I had to sample!) and during consumption. Sometimes, I just get the itch to make comfort food and this past Saturday was no different.

The idea to make macaroni and cheese dawned on me when I happened to peruse down the aisles of the grocery store and spotted one of my childhood favorites in a box: Macaroni & Cheese. Although some of the boxed kinds of Macaroni & Cheese are too die for, I decided to forgo the powdered cheese and unknown-mysterious-overly-processed-can’t pronounce ingredient combination in order to try the “real deal”. However, in making this decision, I knew I would be consuming exorbitant amounts of butter, cream, milk, and cheese in order to delight my taste buds. But, every now and then, I truly believe these types of good (but, oh-so-bad) foods are just absolutely necessary. My final response? Dig in!

Macaroni & Cheese With Garlic Bread Crumbs.

Step 1: Grate Cheeses; Chop Garlic

Step 2: Melt Butter; Whisk Flour &
Mustard; Pour in Cream & Milk

Step 3: Add Sauce to Noodles and Cheese

Step 4: Melt Butter; Add to Olive Oil,
Bread Crumbs and Chopped Garlic

Step 5: Add Bread Crumbs to the Top
of Macaroni; Bake and Enjoy!

“It tastes so good, it must be bad.” Wait, I have a correction: “It tastes so good, it must be bad – but, I’m going to enjoy it anyway!”

The moral of the story: indulge every now and then — it’s a good thing!


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Stuffed Tomatoes

Whether in sauce, on a burger, in salads, sundried or whatever other combination, I absolutely love tomatoes. Just think about it, tomatoes already exist in endless combinations of recipes and food concoctions. At least for me, I deem the esteemed tomato to be a staple. But, it seems like I’ve just gotten used to the same tomato-based recipes for the last few months. Plus, in many of my dishes, the tomato was just a side ingredient and not the main hero. So, I decided to find a recipe that was both different and featured the tomato as the main deal: Stuffed Tomatoes (Sunny Anderson from the Food Network).

Step 1: Chop Basil and Garlic; Cut Tops Off
Of Tomatoes and Remove Insides 

Step 2: Combine Parmesan Cheese, Basil,
Garlic, Bread Crumbs, Olive Oil, Salt, and Pepper 

Step 3: Stuff Mixture Into Tomatoes

Step 4: Bake and Enjoy!

I actually really liked this recipe. It was super simple and I loved the tomato as the main feature!



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Fresh Lemon Pasta

If you haven’t noticed already, I’m literally all about “ease, ease, ease” and “few ingredients, few ingredients, few ingredients”. Rarely a time exists where I cave and use a recipe that requires over 12 seperate ingredients. That being said, this Tuesday was no different. A friend from college came over to visit my roommate and I. I decided to make a simple dinner and one that would require few ingredients (of course!!).

I had already picked up a lemon at the store a few days prior and decided I wanted to incorporate it somehow. Since I already had pasta on hand, I figured I’d try to figure out some type of pasta-lemon duo. After some glancing around the cupboard, I decided to make Fresh Lemon Pasta as a nice, summery dish.

Step 1: Smash Garlic and Chop Finely

Step 2: Grate Parmesan; Juice and Zest Lemon

Step 3: Combine Zest, Juice, and Olive Oil

Step 4: Combine Cheese, Cooked Noodles, Sauteed
Garlic, and Olive Oil/Lemon Sauce Together; Enjoy!

Although it almost seems too simple, my tastebuds were not disappointed and my wallet was sure happy with me too. As cheesy as that sounds, it is completely true! Anyway, the key to this recipe’s success is lots of garlic (lots!) and playing around with the lemon-to-olive oil ratio in order to make a sauce that includes enough lemon, but doesn’t make your mouth pucker in a sour grin. Next time, I’d like to add chicken or perhaps olives and tomatoes. Until then…



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Glorified Cheese Pizza

During one of my last few visits to the store, I happened to pick up a copy of Real Simple. The cover held the infamous “3 Ingredient” featured recipes. I was instantly intrigued. If you haven’t noticed already, I really enjoy making simple recipes and ones that require few ingredients. Therefore, I was extremely drawn towards this issue.

One of my favorite recipes that I saw was for a “flat-bread-esque pizza”. Since I already had puff pastry leftover from making a Rhubarb Tart (as seen here), I knew that this would be the perfect recipe. Plus, whenever has melted cheese and tons of carbohydrates not resulted in a pleasantly awesome situation? Unless something goes drastically wrong, I’d say pretty close to never!

So, I decided to make this recipe. Even though I cheated (I used more than the 3 ingredients as listed in the recipe), I would make this again and again. Real Simple has it right — 3 ingredients (plus a few more minor ones) always wins!

Step 1: Thaw Pastry Dough and Roll Out

Step 2: Cut Tomatoes

Step 3: Layer Cheese and Tomatoes Onto
Puff Pastry; Add Olive Oil, Salt/Pepper, and Spices 

Step 4: Bake and Enjoy!

I absolutely loved this recipe. Although this definitely resulted in just another glorified version of a cheese pizza, it definitely tasted better than a frozen pizza or one from the local joint down the street. The flakiness of the crust just can’t be beat and the authentic gooey-ness was perfection. I’m smitten.


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Black-Bean & Tomato Quinoa

Whether you pronounce it “KEEN-WAH” or “KEEN-AH-WAH”, hands down I love it. However, I will admit that at first glance, I was a bit skeptical of this strange, grain-like substance. But, after a few times that I of trying it, I realized that this once previously thought sketchy crop was actually quite tasty. Even though Quinoa has a unique, nutty flavor, the key to its taste success lies in the dressing (at least in my opinion).

Lately, I’ve been on a lime-kick and have indulged in any and all recipes lime-worthy. I happened to find a recipe for Quinoa (Black-Bean & Tomato Quinoa) and the dressing relied heavily on limes. So, after zesting a lime, cutting some cilantro, and cooking some Quinoa (not from a box, go me!), I was set to make this recipe!

Step 1: Chop Cilantro and Zest Lime

Step 2: Whisk Sugar, Salt, Oil, Melted Butter
Lime Juice, Lime Zest, and Pepper Together

Step 3: Cook Quinoa

Step 4: Mix Tomatoes, Black Beans,
Lime Dressing, and Quinoa Together 

This recipe is definitely very fresh and tasty. Next time, I’d love to add more vegetables and some jalapenos to add some more flair. Even though Quinoa looks a bit funky (as compared to usual pasta), I really like it. I will admit that it was a bit of a pain and hassle to make it the old-fashioned way. Next time, I will definitely look for a short-cut!

Funky, fresh, and flavorful — at least I found something to keep me satisfied for a few days!


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Spaghetti & Sicilian Meatballs

For most last minute or large gatherings, spaghetti is often the menu item of choice. Naturally, it depends on which way you decide to make it — but, it is extremely easy (especially if not making the sauce from scratch!). Personally, I love spaghetti. It’s extremely simple, requires few ingredients, and serves as a perfect comfort food. But, lately, I’ve been becoming bored of my usual rotation of spaghetti for evening dinners. I’ve tried adding chicken or other types of vegetables to help alleviate my taste bud boredom. Unfortunately, those additions did not result in any success.

It wasn’t until I was surfing through Netflix that I saw the movie Lady and the Tramp pop up. Whenever I think of that movie, I always revert to the scene where the two dogs eat eat spaghetti and meatballs together. Instantly, this movie provided the perfect inspiration in order to spice up my boring pasta dinners. So, it was decided: Spaghetti and Sicilian Meatballs it is!

Step 1: Chop Garlic, Onions, Basil
Currants, and Toasted Pine Nuts

Step 2: Let Bread Crumbs and
Milk Sit for Five Minutes

[I accidentally threw the onions on top for this step... oops!]

Step 3: Mix Dry Ingredients With
Wet Ingredients; Add Meat Mixture

Step 4: Form Meat Balls
(Key: Make Sure Hands are Wet); Bake

Step 5: Add Meatballs to Sauce
and Spaghetti and Enjoy! 

Prior to this meal, I had never made meatballs from scratch. It was surprisingly simple and easy. Let’s just say I’m glad that I happened to stumble upon Lady and the Tramp or else I would have made another simple pasta dish.



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